Map of Scoska and Bown Scar Caves

An interesting but relatively easy trip is Scoska Cave, about halfway between Litton and Arncliffe on the south side of Littondale.
It's large, imposing entrance is in Scoska Wood about 230 feet (70m) above the River Skirfare at the head of Gildersbank Sike.
Nearby and hydrologically connected to Scoska  is Bown Scar Cave, a more challenging trip.
Here are some pictures of Scoska Cave:

Scoska Cave entrance.     Inside the entrance passge.

Entrance to Scoska Cave                                                                   Inside the entrance passge

The roomy entrance passage     Flowstone formation, Scoska Cave

The roomy entrance passge                                                                              White flowstone formation

Right Hand Series, Scoska Cave     Right Hand Series, Scoska Cave

Right Hand Series in Scoska Cave