Great Stone of the Fourstones

The Stone

An interesting feature as you ascend the hill out of High Bentham on the road to Slaidburn the Great Stone of Fourstones is
a large stone marking the boundary between Lancashire and North Yorkshire.  As it's name suggests, the Great Stone of Fourstones was once one of four, the other having been broken up for use as building materials or shapening stones.
Local legend has it that it was dropped by the Devil on his way to build Devil's Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale.  Another story has
it that it is a part of the debris, hurled across the Irish Sea by Finn McCool.  The Big Stone as it is often called is a glacial
deposit from the last ice age.
Fourteen steps have been cut into the side of the stone to enable visitors to get a view of the surrounding countryside and the
nearby fells of the Yorkshire Dales from the top but care is now needed as some of the steps are badly eroded through years
of use.

Big Stone          Big Stone
Big Stone          Yorkshire Dales from the Big Stone
Top:  The Great Stone of Fourstones.  Another view of the Stone.
Botton:  The eroded fourteen steps.  Yorkshire Dales from the Stone.