England's lomgest show cave with plenty to interest the serious caver beyond the tourist section. Easily found 1.5 miles (2.5km) from Ingleton on the road to Hawes, the cave was first entered in 1923 by Christopher Long who sadly died the following year. The cave was first opened to the public in 1925 and in 1971 various caving clubs, in particular the Happy Wanderers discovered more cave, notably the Battlefield Cavern.
In 1991 a 200 foot (65m) long tunnel was driven from the then end of the tourist trail into the Battlefield making it the longest cave on display to the general public in England.
The cave is open daily from 10am February 1st to October 31st and at weekends November 1st to January 31st with extra opening during the Christmas holidays except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

White Scar Cave
White Scar living up to it's name!
First waterfall in White Scar Cave
First waterfall in White Scar Cave
Devil's Tongue, White Scar Cave
The Devil's Tongue
Gour pools in White Scar Cave
Gour pools
Streamway in White Scar Cave
Streamway near the 1990 tunnel to the Battlefield
Battlefield Cavern, White Scar Cave
Battlefield Cavern
Battlefield Cavern, White Scar Cave
Battlefield Cavern
Craxy paving formation in White Scar Cave
"Crazy paving" formation, unique in Europe
Waterfall in White Scar Cave
Another waterfall