An entertaining pothole suitable for beginners as well as more experienced cavers. Entrances are found on both sides of the Pennine Way path just over a mile above Horton in Ribblesdale. On the left hand side (if you are walking from the village) is the Dry Way with three short pitches into the large chamber at the bottom. In spite of it's name, however the final pitch on the Dry Way can sometimes be quite wet!
The Wet Way on the right hand side of the track offers the more experienced caver an opportunity to try out various S.R.T. rigging techniques on a long pitch.
Sell Gill Holes is a suitable "wet weather" option as it does not flood although the lower sections can get quite wet in bad weather. It also provides a good "exchange trip" with teams entering via both shafts and meeting up at the bottom.

Right: Dry Way entrance pitch, Sell Gill Holes

Below: Bottom of second pitch on the Dry Way
Entrance pitch, Sell Gill Holes
Bottom of second pitchBACK