An interesting system suitable for novice cavers and also newcomers to Single Rope Techniques (S.R.T.).
Short Drop Cave is a short walk from the Leck Fell Car Park where the entrance is a short drop (hence the name!) into an easy passage.
Short Drop Cave eventually reaches daylight again at Gavel Pot, a large open shaft with a choice of routes down and ideal for S.R.T. practice. The system is also ideal for an exchange through trip.
A sump at the bottom of Gavel Pot has been dived through to the master cave in Lost John's which in turn has been connected to numerous other caves on Leck and Casterton Fells making it part of the Three Counties System, 54 miles (87km) in length.
Care must be taken at the top of Gavel Pot due to the nature of the footpaths.
Top of entranc shaft, Gavel Pot
Abseiling Gavel Pot
Top of Entrance Shaft, Gavel Pot

  Left: Abseiling Gavel Pot