Population: 690 Grid Reference: SD745694

Co-ordinates: 54.119, -2.392

Clapham Village

Clapham Village

Leaving Ingleton on the main road to Settle you soon come to the Dales Village of Clapham. This interesting village is the Yorkshire Dales in minature. Clapham features a pub, bar, bunkhouse, bed and breakfast accommodation, shops and cafés as well as nature trails, cycle routes and a National Park Centre.

Because of the extensive caving activity in the area Clapham is an ideal place to have the Cave Rescue Organisation's headquaters. The C.R.O. was set up in the late 1930's following a difficult cave rescue. This organisation like mountain rescue is voluntary but is called out by the statutory forces in the event of an emergency. As well as underground rescues the Cave Rescue Organisation carries out a lot of fell and animal rescues.
The New Inn is next door to the C.R.O. headquarters and is popular with members of the C.R.O. as well as other cavers.
Accommodation is available at the Clapham Bunkhouse. Formally the old reading room, the bunkhouse also features a bar and café which are open to non-residents.

St. Jame's Church. 

The bar is usually open between late morning and 7pm but late licensing takes place on some Fridays and Saturdays when the bar is open until midnight.
The bunkhouse and bar are popular with members of local caving clubs including the Earby Pothole Club
which meet up here most weekends.
Even when it is closing at 7pm it is still worth a visit for a pint before continuing on to another pub in the area.

The original church of St. James (fomally St. Michael's) dates back to Norman times and was first mentioned in records in 1160. The village and church were destroyed in a Scottish raid following their victory in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The church was rebuilt following the raid but today only the tower dates from the 14th century with the current church being erected during the 19th century.

The church is part of the Diocese of Bradford and services take place here every Sunday from 11am.

Near the church a cycle and walking route passes through two intruiging small tunnels which run under the former railway line.

At the top of the village the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail leads through woodland and past a lake to Ingleborough Cave. A small fee is charged to use the trail.

A bridalway also leads from near here to Clapdale, a farm almost a mile from the village from where a large number of caves including Gaping Gill can be visited by properly equipped cavers. Non-cavers have the opportunity to visit Gaping Gill when the Bradford Pothole Club and the Craven Pothole Club erect a winch across the entrance shaft during the Spring and August Bank Holidays.

The two tunnels on the cycle trail near the church.

Cycle trail tunnels, Clapham