Casterton Fell, looking towards Bull Pot Of The Witches and Bullpot Farm

Above Kirkby Lonsdale are Casterton and Leck Fells, home to some of the most extensive cave networks in the whole of the British Isles. Straddling three counties, North Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria this area is worthy of inclusion in this website due to it's association with the Yorkshire Dales although Kirkby Lonsdale is often linked to the Lake District although it is a good 6 miles (10km) to the east of the M6 motorway.
These fells offer some of the best walking country in the Dales as well as extensive cave exploration. Over 30 miles (50km) of cave now lies beneath one's feet on Casterton Fell with many more miles waiting to be discovered. The caves here are very complex and getting lost underground is a real danger.

Lancaster Hole

Accommodation on Casterton Fell is provided at Bull Pot Farm. This remote farm has been adapted for used by the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club, one of the major players in the exploration of Yorkshire's many caves. Located high on Casterton Fell at the end of a three mile (5km) long winding road leading up from Casterton Village, this outpost of civilisation offers cheap accommodation to those exploring the caves or just simply walking.
A popular way into the Easegill Caverns is via Lancaster Hole, a one hundred foot (30m) shaft accessing the heart of the system. Cow Pot is another way in and the system is can also be dived from Bull Pot of the Witches, entered via a large open pot behind Bull Pot Farm. Many of the caves resurge at the remote Ease Gill Beck, about a mile (1.5km) from Bull Pot Farm. The upper reaches of Easegill Caverns including Easter Grotto with it's many stalactites and stalagmites are best accessed from Easegill Beck. Pool Sink and Top Sink are the best routes here. County Pot further down is another popular and and one of the easier routes into Easegill Caverns.

Ease Gill

Bullpot Farm To the east of Casterton Fell, lying mostly in the extreme north-east of Lancashire is Leck Fell, only a short walk way from Bull Pot Farm and home to some interesting cave systems of it's own such as Lost John's Cave and Nott's Pot. Ireby Fell Cavern which is also on Leck Fell is just inside North Yorkshire. Cavers hope one day to link all the major systems on these fells to produce a major cave system that will rank alongside the world's finest.

Bullpot Farm