Lonely bridge in Arkengarthdale

Artkengarthdale is the most northly of the Yorkshire Dales and runs north-west from the village of Reeth in Swaledale. Home to old lead and coal mines, Arkengarthdale is one of the last great wildernesses in this densely populated country. The first three miles to Langthwaite is relatively well populated with farms.

Langthwaite is the only settlement of any size in Arkengarthdale. A small road leads off to the hamlet of Booze (no pubs here!) while the main road carries on up to Whaw. Just after Langthwaite a road leads south between Great Pinseat and Calver Hill to Row Low in Swaledale and another heads due north to Barnard Castle in Co. Durham.

Near Langthwaite

After Whaw the road passes the last of the farms before heading out onto the open moor. It is here that we enter one of the last great wildernesses in England. For miles there is no house. In the distance however traffic can be seen plying along the A66 between Penrith and Scotch Corner on the A1, giving the impression that civilization is not to far away. It is here that care must be taken during the winter as the road quickly becomes hazardous in snow.

Into the wilderness

Ten miles after leaving Reeth you come across one of the wonders of the Yorkshire Dales, Tan Hill and it's remote pub, situated one third of a mile above sea level in the middle of nowhere. It is here that you are guaranteed a warm welcome in England's bleakest place.