Citroen 2CV's in Langstrothdale
Citroen 2CV's in Langstrothdale

Running westwards from Buckden near the head of Upper Wharfedale is Langstrothdale, one of the least inhabited of the Yorkshire Dales.  The River Wharfe starts it's journey flowing through Langstrothdale but Wharfedale itself does not start until the river meets Cray Gill neat Buckden.
George Inn, HubberholmeThe only settle of note in Langstrothdale is Hubberholme, described by playwright J.B. Priestley as the "smallest, pleasantest place in the world".  The unspoilt George Inn is notable for the candle that sits in the window whenever the pub is open and serving.
The "Hubberholme Parliament" meets at the George on the first Monday of every year is a land letting auction where the bids have to be made before the candle burns out.
Opposite the pub is St. Michael's and All Angels' Church where services are held on Sundays normally at 11:00am.  The church's oak pews are made by Robert "The Mouseman" Thompson of Kilburn near Thirsk.  His trademark mouse can be seen carved into the woodwork.

George Inn, Hubberhome
Above Hubberholme is Yockenthwaite where there are a number of challenging caves and potholes nearby.
After Yockenthwaite Langstrothdale breaks out into open countryside with the road following the fledgling River Wharfe, crossing it about halfway up.  Near the head of Langstrothdale the road leaves the river, climbing the side of the valley through Oughtershaw and over the summit from where it is possible to see Heysham Nuclear Power Station and the Irish Sea many miles away before the road descends into Hawes in Wensleydale.