Gordale Scar from the campsite

Another awesome limestone feature not far from Malham is Gordale Scar. Perhaps more striking than Malham Cove, Gordale Scar is easily reached by a short walk along a well maintained footpath from the road. It is only when you round the final corner that you see the scar's hidden delights - a natural ampitheatre containing waterfalls. The overhanging rocks and crashing waterfalls make Gordale Scar a somewhat intimidating place.
Formed by several ice-ages over the last 1,500,000 years, particularly when the glaciers melted, causing torrents of water to scour away the rocks, Gordale Scar became the extraordinary chasm we see today.
The water here is full of lime and is deposited on the rocks as tufa, a brown spongy material which you should take care not to damage when visiting the site.

Waterfalls in Gordale Scar

Cliffs and screes

The Ampitheatre