On the map above it appears that Dow Cave and Providence Pot are connected by a simple straight line, the Dowbergill Passage. In reality it is a vertical maze where finding the right levels to traverse at is an exasperating problem. This 70 ft. (21m) high passage is too narrow for much of it's length to enable walking thus making it nessesary for cavers to jam themselves across the width of the passage at various levels. It is one of the classic caving trips in the Yorkshire Dales and also the scene of many rescues with the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association who are charged with cave rescues in this part of the Dales being called out several times to help cavers who have become lost.
While Providence Pot is a rat hole, Dow Cave consists af mainly walking height passages and is popular with novices. Hobson's Choice in Dow Cave is a dangerous boulder choke and is best avoided.