Perhaps the most isolated yet most delightful of the Yorkshire Dales is Coverdale.  A small road running north-east from Kettlewell ascends several steep hairpin bends descending down into Coverdale.  The Dale takes it's name from the River Cover which flows through it.  The first settlement is Braidley, followed by Horsehouse where a drink can be enjoyed at the Thwaite Arms, one of the least spoilt pubs in Yorkshire.  The church here is St. Botolph's which serves an active Christian community.
After Horsehouse is the parish West Scrafton which includes the hamlet of East Scrafton.
The largest village here is Carlton in Coverdale, home to some 232 people and a pub, the Forester's Arms which is now owned by the local community. Nearby is the unusual visitor attraction of the Forbidden Corner.
Coverdale ends at Coverbridge where the River Cover flows into the River Ure in Wensleydale.

Left to right:  Braidley, Fields near Horseshouse, West Scrafton
Braidley, CoverdaleFields in CoverdaleWest Scrafton, Coverdale