Gregory Collins's Homepage

     Born on the 7th of June, 1966 in a village near Tamworth in Staffordshire, I now live
     in Preston Lancashire where I currently own a narrowboat which is moored in nearby
     Garstang on the Lancaster Canal where you will often see me.
     As well as trips out on my boat my activities also include mine and sometimes, cave
     exploration, photography and website design.  My underground stuff usually takes
     place in North Wales, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Pennines.
     I also enjoy visiting pubs and have several which I go to regularly plus some that I
     used to visit a lot.  You can check them out on my Pubs Page.
     To keep up to date with me follow my Social Media accounts.

     I use both Windows and the following Linux distros:

LINUX UBUNTU                     
      LINUX ZORIN                           

      LINUX MINT                           

      For my photographs I use the following software:



      I read the following magazines:

      WATERWAYS WORLD                    Founded in 1972, this it covers news, boat reviews and canal
                                                               and river subjects from the United Kingdon, Ireland and sometimes
                                                               further afield.  Available from all good newsagents.

      DESCENT                                        The one, specialist magazine for cave exploration covering news
                                                               and expedition reports from the UK and around the world.  Due
                                                               to the highly specialised nature of Descent it is sold in few places,
                                                               Inglesport in the Yorkshire Dales being one of them.  To get hold
                                                               of your copy I suggest you visit or
                                                               alternatively to avoid disappointment.

     LINUX FORMAT MAGAZINE             Available from good newsagents, useful source of information for
                                                                Linux and Raspberry Pi users.

                                                                Check out the great articles by Mike Bedford.