Located at the very north end of the Peak District is Standedge Tunnel. At 5,500 yards (5,029m) long it is the longest, highest and deepest canal tunnel in the United Kingdom.
Standedge Tunnel at Diggle
The Diggle portal
Brick lined section of Standedge Tunnel
Brick lined section of the tunnel
Unlined section of Standedge Tunnel
Unlined section of the tunnel
Passing places in Standedge Tunnel
One of the wide passing places
Shotcrete lined section of the Tunnel
Shotcrete lined section of the tunnel
Cross heading in the Tunnel
One of the cross headings connecting the tunnels
Trip boat in Standedge Tunnel
Trip boat in the tunnel
The Marsden Portal
Arriving at the Marsden portal
Tunnel End, Marsden
Tunnel End at Marsden