One of Derbyshire's classics.  The first 500 yards of Peak Cavern is open to the public as one of four show caves in the Castleton area but the tourist trip only scratches the surface of what this amazing cavern has to offer, even less so nowadays as the show cave now stops at Roger's Rain House.  The show cave used to extend further down the Devil's Staircase, through the Halfway House and under the Five Arches before terminating where the passage divides.  Problems with flooding and maintaining the walkway necessitated the closure of this part to the casual visitor.
The passage to the left at the end of the former show cave soon decends into the Buxton Water Sump, the one on the right is climb up to a series of low passage, the Mucky Ducks before arriving at the Upper Gallery, one of several examples of Peak Cavern's phreatic tubes.
At the end of the Upper Gallery a climb down an iron ladder (Surprise View) leads to the Main Streamway with the passage on the left leading to the far end of the Buxton Water Sump.  From the Main Gallery many of Peak Cavern's features can be visited such as the Ink Sump and Treasury Sump.  Apart from a few low sections much of these passages are huge, walking sized ones with a number of climbs over boulders.

Main Entrance to Peak Cavern
Path leading to the huge entrance to Peak Cavern
Upper Gallery, Peak Cavern
Classic Peak Cavern phreatic passage, Upper Gallery
Ink Sump Passage, Peak Cavern
Phreatic passage leading to the Ink Sump from Squaw's Junction
Low Passage near the Treasury Sump.
Near the Treasury Sump
Mucky Ducks, Peak Cavern
The Mucky Ducks
The Vestibule, Peak Cavern.
The Vestibule, Peak Cavern