An interesting cave with a large entrance near Matlock.  On the left of the entrance chamber there is a series of mined passages and to the right is a twelve foot (4m) climb down a mined shaft followed by a scramble down into the "Upper Series" of chambers leading to the Beehive Slopes.
To the right of the main entrance is a shaft, best laddered but climbable down into the muddy "Lower Series" which lead to an exit via an adit.
There are no access restrictions to Jug Holes which is located in a small wood.  Normal countryside access regulations apply here.

The entrance to Jug Holes
Entrance to Jug Holes
Mined passage in Jug Holes
In the mined passages leading off the entrance chamber                 
Beehive Slopes, Jug Holes
 Beehive Slopes in the Upper Series
Stalagmite boss, Beehive Slopes
Stalagmite boss on the Beehive Slopes