Population: 1433 Grid Reference: SK229815 Co-ordinates: 53.330,-1.658



Situated near the eastern end of Hope  Valley is the large village of Hathersage. Reputed to be the burial place of Little John, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men, Hathersage is just inside Derbyshire only 10 miles (16km) from the Sheffield, a city famous for it's steel industry.

St. Michael's ChurchThe village dates back to Saxon times and was recorded in the Domesday Book as Hererseige. Around 1220 the name was spelt Hauerseigg.
Little John was said to be a man of great stature, some 7 feet (2.13m) tall and first met Robin Hood in a confrontation when he tried to prevent Robin crossing a narrow bridge.  The two men fought each other with quarterstaves but later became friends. He is said to be buried in the graveyard of St. Michael's Church and is a local visitor attraction although this is disputed due to the uncertainties surrounding the legend of Robin Hood and other places claiming to be his burial site.

St, Michael's Church
Hathersage is served by the Hope Valley railway line which connects the major cities of Sheffield and Manchester.
Hathersage has two business parks and there are several pubs in and around the village worth visiting.

   Little John's Grave
Little John's Grave