High Force, Teesdale
High Force, Teesdale
High Force in Teesdale is England's largest waterfall and is the biggest tourist attraction in the North Pennnines. Here the River Tees plunges 70 feet (21m) over a cliff edge.  Access to the northern bank is via a private footpath on the Raby Estate for which a fee is charged. Ample parking is available nearby on the road between Middleton and Alston.
The south bank can be accessed free of charge via the Pennine Way but this will involve a longer walk.
Although High Force has the greatest volume of water flowing over it, it is by no means the highest. Hardraw Force in Wensleydale at 98 feet (30m) is England's highest single-drop above-ground waterfall and Cautley Spout in the Howgill Fells drops 590 feet (180m) in a series of cascades. Fell Beck falls an unbroken 315 feet (96m) down the Main Shaft of Gaping Gill on Ingleborough via the Jib Tunnel.
High Force     River Tees     Near High Force
 Close-up of High Force                                    River Tees at High Force                                 Pathway to High Force