Worth including here is the Lancaster Canal, a 42 mile  (67km) lock-free stretch of waterway running from the outskirts of Preston through Garstang, Lancaster and Carnforth before terminating at Tewitfield where the M6 Motorway has severed the Northern Reaches of the canal from the current navigable section.
Isolated from the rest of the canal system for almost two centuries after it's construction save for a link to the Lune estuary at Glasson, the Lancaster Canal was linked to the River Ribble in Preston via the Ribble Link from where it is possible to access the canal system through the River Douglas and the Rufford Branch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.
The Lancaster Canal is one of Britain's most scenic waterways and offers splendid views of the Bowland Fells as well as the Fylde and the Lancashire countryside.
Lock free except for the Glasson Branch and the Ribble Link the canal is popular with boaters of all abilities.
Starting from Preston the canal winds through the Fylde, a coastal plain before arriving at Guy's Thatched Hamlet, where several restaurants and bars offer refreshment to the traveller.  After Guy's, the canal arrives in Garstang on the western edge of the Forest of Bowland.
The highlight of the Lancaster Canal is the Lune Aqueduct in Lancaster after which is Carnforth, the last town on the canal after which are the locks at Tewitfield, now closed with the motorway being built across the canal.  There is a campaign to reopen the northern part of the canal to Kendal on the edge of the Lake District.
Lune Aqueduct
Lune Aqueduct at Lancaster
Lune Aqueduct
Crossing the Lune Aqueduct
Glasson Dock
Narrowboats at Glasson Dock
Glasson Dock
Sea-going boats at Glasson Dock
Lancaster Canal
Lancster Canal near Preston
Old Nell's Tavern
Old Nell's Tavern, Guy's Thatched Hamlet
Canal at Guy's Thatched Hamlet
Boats at Guy's Thatched Hamlet
Hincaster Tunnel
Hincaster Tunnel on the Northern Reaches
Hincaster Tunnel
Inside Hincaster Tunnel